Don’t Miss It

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There is something fresh and new in the air this day. When beautiful memories are made, it brings new energy and breathes life to my soul.

We took our old Toyota up the coast, just us three, there were several (hidden) thankful tears. The minutes were slow and full. Absolutely nothing was on the agenda, not even where we we’re going to stay. Sometimes I forget to just enjoy Drew and Reese. When I’m home, I’m usually in “the zone…” (meal planning, dishes, laundry, cleaning, wiping, packing the car, cleaning out the car, vacuuming dog hair, you get the idea). But, enjoy my husband’s humor and intelligence. To hear him tell me stories about Costa Rica and his college days. To spend an hour and watching my 2-year-old run through the grass while she laughs, just because she’s alive. To take it all in without thinking about the next thing we have to do or place we need to be. Slow down.

Having a family and raising children can be an absolute whirlwind, but gosh, I don’t want to miss it. Working a job and going to school, also a whirlwind, but don’t miss it. I want my husband to know how loved he is, every single day. I want to watch my daughter learn and grow, without being in a rush or thinking about what’s next. Don’t worry.

Don’t hurry. I have had people laugh in my face when I tell them, “never hurry…” But, please, try it with me. Stay in the longer line of cars, just because you aren’t in a hurry…see what it does for your soul.

Love to all of you